Hello Everyone,

For this first chatcast of the year, I changed  a bit the way we start and we didn’t do the the introduction part in order to keep this time to talk about the main topic.

For the first time the chatcast was broadcasted in live on YouTube !
It will be the case at least for all the following chatcast whose I take part and I hope you will enjoy it.
Then the chatcast is a podcast and a “radio show” as well.

You can join the Google Hangout during the chatcast, listen to it and leave a comment in the chat – I will read some of your comment during the record like I did for Zdenek today.

We talked about the difference between women and men with:

Arminda from Spain
Rupesh from India
José from Chile
Denis from Bosnia

Thank you everyone for your participation and see you soon.

The next chatcast is going to be hosted by Denis and you are going to talk about magic – Does magic really exist ?

Don’t forget to leave a comment  and bye bye bye bye (fade out)


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