Hey Guys,

Here is the last episode of the year, the episode 8 !

To be honest it was a bit chaotic because many people were missing mainly because of internet issues. Finally we did it !

We had Rupesh from India with a digital connection.. 1…0…1..0… on.. off…on….off. 😉
Frédéric from France that we lost during the call and luckily we had Avelino from Spain 😉

This episode was about new year’s resolutions !

Thank for all the participant of the chatcast for this year !
I hope you still like it and you will still register for the following episode.
The chatcast is your podcast so if you want to be the host or if you want to debate about a specific topic, or maybe you want to be the host for your specific topic, then fee free to contact me.

For the next year I hope to have special guest again like Zdenek, Luke and maybe some more. Maybe we could try a co-hosting chatcast with two host to manage the talk.

I would be glad to have your suggestion in the comment section 😉

Thanks to everyone and have a nice time with your friends and your family for this end of the year and don’t forget to stay tuned because I’m on holidays and I could manage to do an another episode of Guillaume’s English Podcast 😉


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