Hello guys,

Welcome to the episode 7 of the Chatcat hosted by José from Chile.

In this episode we talked about video games with:

Alexander from Ukraine

Rupesh from India

Hien from Vietnam

Chandra from Indonesia 

Guillaume from Switzerland

Here are the question that José asked us :

  • Have you ever played video-games?
  • Do you consider yourself as a gamer?
  • IF so, what type of gamer are you: casual gamer, core gamer, hardcore gamer or pro gamer? Why? (The types will be explained)
  • Do you think playing video-games is a waste of time or actually something useful that can enhance your skills?
  • If you have played some video-games in your life, can you tell us a few of them that you have really liked playing?

And finally the 6th question that we haven’t enough time to treat is :

  • If you know a bit about video-games, what would it be your perfect game? (let’s say, if you could produce and design your own game, how would it be?)

Feel free to answer to the different questions in the comment section.

Thanks again José for being the host.

Anyone can be the host ! For more information read the page about the chatcast or contact me on skype, my ID is talk2learn

Thanks everyone to spread the word and thank you for listening.


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