Dear listeners,chatcastch_little

For the third episode I had the pleasure to have a special guest, Zdenek from Zdenek’s English Podcast.
Thank you Zdenek for joining us it was nice to have you ! You are welcome when you want.

In this Chatcast we had also:TV

  • Alexander from Ukraine
  • Denis from Bosnia
  • Emilia from Hungary
  • Hien from Vietnam
  • José from Chile

We mentioned the following TV series :
Game of Thrones – Breaking Bad – Mind Your Language – The Walking Dead – Black Books – Prison Break – Ripper Streets – Vikings – Misfits – Dexter – Lost – Sherlock – The Big Bang Theory – How I Met Your Mother – Grey’s Anatomy – Doctor Who – Friends – MacGyver – Extr@


For some reason I had to be the host for this episode and it was not planned like this so I did my best as a host and I hope you did enjoyed.

This is the beginning of this project and I have to adapt the Chatcast. It’s going to be better and better. The purpose is that everyone can talk during the Chatcast and it should be entertaining to listen to.

This week, I had a lot of request from people who want’s to take part  to the Chatcast – Thanks to Luke – and I had to change the way people should use to register. I think it’s pretty fine now.

The two next Chatcast are already full ! This is amazing, thank you everyone !)

By the way there is no Chatcast the 7th December.

Thanks everyone ;)


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