Hello guys,

Here is the last episode of the chatcast.

As I was busy, Denis has kindly replaced me to talk with :

Edgar from Mexico – Arminda from Spain – Alexander from Ukraine – Irina from St. Vincent & Grenadines

They were talking about “magic”.

Does magic exist and do you believe in magic.

You can subscribe to the new chatcast channel on YouTube !

You will find the live version of most of the episode.

This is a way to take part to the chatcast as well by listening to live and post comments that we will read during the chatcast.

Next episode:

The next episode will be hosted by Zdenek of Zdenek’s English Podcast !

If you want to take part on the next chatcast with Zdenek please go to the register now page, it still few seat.

By the way you have to prepare the chatcast to take part:

So please prepare 5-8 idioms you would like to learn or practice. Either some you don’t know at all and you would like to learn or some that you know but don’t use enough.

Send it to this email before Friday at 01pm GMT+1.

Thank you everyone and have a nice week.

Cheers 😉


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