Hello folks! How are you?

I’m Vaclav and this is Chatcast.

I hope it’s going okay, that things are, at least, tolerable.

I’ve been thinking ever since our founder Guillaume let me host the talks here how to introduce myself. At first, feeling a bit awkward about it I produced a pair of intros and I rejected them all with scorn.

Then, at some point, it struck me that the better way to announce myself was just to…speak.

What we all crave for is fluency and being eloquent. It’s exactly what brings us together here every time we want to learn something new by talking and sharing our inspirations and insights.

I’m always excited to meet new people. The thing that we can always teach each other a thing or two never stops amazing me. I got lucky to have met some phenomenal learners. People with great skills and enviable grit that made me realize my potential.

I figure that we’re exactly that to each other. A huge source of inspiration and friendly support we need so badly to improve and succeed eventually.

My point is that everyone got to have a chance. A chance to learn and teach. Teaching allows us to learn a lot.

I hope we’ll all enjoy it every time we hang out.

I can’t tire you any longer with my speech and wait you’ll at a regular time on Sundays.

One more thing! I also took the liberty to record a very short story I wrote for our first meeting. Hope it’s fine with you.

Okay, here we go.

Today, the Chatcast team proudly present: ‘Misapprehensions‘.

[Okay.] It was a hot summer day. White drove his car.

Something kept nudging him. What was that? His family and him were about to have a great time at the beach. Yet, it didn’t feel right.

Generally, he didn’t mind company. But. When he met Martin there, his high-school classmate, the previous year, he didn’t like it. Actually, he hated the mere sight of Martin. Why?

Well, obviously Martin must have voted for the new President. He looked like one who had.

Now. For White most people looked like that. They were the 84 per cent majority who voted for Lewis. Damn him! So, there was no way, no way, White could feel at ease with that kind of person. Even if it was a classmate, or a co-worker. Anybody! No. Way.

White! How are you, pal? That was him, Martin! Speaking to White! It happened again. Well. Now. Surprisingly, they had a pretty lively and amiable talk. Have a nice time! Same to you, pal! Wow.

He seems to be a nice person after all, thought White. Shameless bastard! He must have voted for that scum Lewis! raged Martin. I certainly shouldn’t have come here! Damn it!

The story is by me, Vaclav Landakoff. We thank the bands Greater Than Or Equal To and Lobo Loco for the soundtrack, used under the CC license, you are free to share and adapt it. Find more on creativecommons.org



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See you all!


The First Session

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