Hi Guys,

Today we talked with Arminda from Spain, Chris from Poland, Nick from Poland, Natalya from Ukraine, Natali from Spain and Denis from Bosnia and Herzegovina about Study Abroad.

We answered the following questions:

  1. Have you ever been abroad to study? What and where did you study?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad?
  3. Imagine that I give you enough money to go and live abroad for one month, where would you like to go and why?
  4. How would you live separately from your friends and family for a few weeks?
  5. Could you experience a culture shock and why ? What could be so different ?
  6. Do you think that less people go study abroad because of the internet?

What about you guys ? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience abroad.

Thanks again for your interest and your motivation.

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Your Chatcast Team

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