The next Chatcast is going to be hosted by Chris and we are going to talk about “Social Networking” !

Hello Guys,

For the 20th episode of the Chatcast, Chris from Poland was our host and he has been prepared the topic and the questions as well.  First of all thank you and congratulations Chris for your job ! 😉

In this episode we had  the following participants:

Arminda from Spain
Valevskiy from Ukraine
Bruno from France
Denis from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Questions :

  1. What is your very earliest memory of life ?
  2. What was your favourite toy ?
  3. When did you learn to ride a bike ?
  4. Were you the youngest child in the family? If no tell us about your siblings.
  5. Who was your TV hero ?
  6. What are the best and the worst things about being a child ?
  7. What was your worst foolishness as a child ?

Leave us a comment about your childhood !


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