Welcome to this new episode of the Chatcast about Drones and 3D Printers !
In this episode we had the following participants :

  1. Chris from Poland
  2. Arminda from Spain
  3. Hien from Vietnam
  4. Aziz from Algeria
  5. José from Chile
  6. Denis from Bosnia and Herzegovina

We answered to these questions :

  1. How will 3D printers and drones change our life?
  2. Would you like to use a drone and what would you like to do with it?
  3. What would be the worst possible way to use a drone or a 3D printer for?
  4. Why human beings have always wanted to create really bad things like weapons?
  5. What kind of object would you like to create with a 3D printer and why?
  6. Would you be afraid if you saw a drone in the sky?

What about you ? Try to answer the questions in the comment section

Don’t forget to watch the videos below, they are very interesting !


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