Hello friend,

We had an amazing time with many people today.

First of all, Hien had a very good idea, suggesting me a topic and sending me few questions.

And the Chatcast was almost ready ! I suggested to Hien the co-host of the Chatcast for todays and she accepted.

First of all, congratulations Hien because that’s not a easy task and you did very well so you can be proud of yourself.

I hope that other people will do the same because it’s a nice experience.

Almost everything is possible to do in the Chatcast, you just have to contact me 😉

Today we had 3 people from Spain and few people through the world.

Natali from Spain – Antonio from Spain – Amr from Egypt – Nastya from Russia

Arminda from Spain – Abdelhak from Algeria – Gabor from Hungary – Hien from Vietnam

We answered the following questions :

  • Do you have free time?  Do think you have enough free time?
  • Are you usually in a hurry or do you do things in advance to take your time?
  • Do you ever feel that you are wasting time?
  • Does technology really help us to save time ?
  • Do people spend too long thinking about future instead of enjoying now?
  • Do you think that “time” is countable ?

Thanks a lot everyone for your participation.

Hopefully you enjoyed this episode and you will recommend the Chatcast to all of your friends.

Cheers 😉



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