Hello guys,

This new episode was hosted by Denis, talking about the topic:  Why do people keep pets?

The participants answered to the following questions :

  • Do you have a pet? / What kind of pet do you have?
  • Does keeping a pet make us feel human?
  • Do people look like their pets?
  • Why do people keep pets but eat animals?
  • Is there really a difference between “pets” and other animals?
  • What are real reasons people keep pets?
  • Why people keep birds in cages like pets?
  • If an alien saw a human walking his dog in the park, and observed the human “clearing up” after a dog, who do you think the alien would assume was in charge?

Thank you Denis for being the host and thank you to the participants :

Arminda from Spain

Jeya from India

Amr from Egypt

What about you guys ? Do you keep pets at home ?  Do you think people looks like theirs dog for example ?









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