Humble Confidence

Hello! I’m Vaclav and this is the Chatcast. Today we’re discussing the dangers of overconfidence. Together with Hicham from Casablanca, Graziano from Milan, Roman from Kiyv,
Anur from Colombo, and Mark from Kaluga we learned how overconfidence affects us, what would happen if it didn’t exist, and how to balance confidence and humility.

The Overconfidence Effect

The Humility-Confidence SeeSaw: The Untold Secret of Great Leaders

Queen Of The Night

Can You Be Both Confident and Humble?

In Defense of Ignorance

Why Saying Is Believing — The Science Of Self-Talk

Trust the driver

Francois de Halleux

Trust the driver

The Trola pass is one of the most dangerous parts of the Sichuan-Tibet highway. The road is a mere
dirt track climbing as high as 5050m above sea level. Luckily, I could count on the experience and
confidence of our reliable driver that day.
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