You’ll Never Walk Alone

Hi! I’m Vaclav and this is the Chatcast. Today we’re gonna explore if we are better athletes than we were in the past.

What’s happening in sports? You could have imagined Jesse Owens, the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics 100m sprint winner, being way behind Usain Bolt. If you take a look at the numbers, 10.3 sec and 9.58 sec, which corresponds roughly to 7 meters distance between them at the finish, it looks like a lot. But the truth of matter is that if Owens were to compete on the modern surface his time would be 9.63 sec, which isn’t that longer than Bolt’s. So, what does it mean? Where are we heading to? Should the doping and mechanical assistance be allowed in sports? What to expect from sports in the future? These, and other questions, explored Hicham from Casablanca, Graziano from Milan, Leo from London and Anur from Colombo.

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