I Want To… Believe?

In this episode we tried conversing about the nature of human mind. Why is it so easy to believe things and so hard to acquire the scientific set of mind?

–Would you rather believe something that turns out to be false, or not believe something that
turns out to be true?
– Is it natural for you to doubt?
– How do you think of the quote, “I don’t want to believe. I want to know.”— Carl Sagan ?
– Do you see a face in the Moon?
– You hear a rustle in the tall grass. Is it a dangerous predator or just the wind?

Radoslaw from Bulgaria, Shoaib from Pakistan, Ron and Barbossa from South Korea, Roman from Ukraine and Graziano from Italy sought for answers…

Why Do We Believe In Unbelievable Things?

Why Do People See Faces in the Moon?

The Journey to Finding Yourself By Rena Camille

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Flying Saucer, Cup, and Teapot!
Flying Saucer, Cup, and Teapot!
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