Hello guys,

Here is the first episode of the year about new resolutions.

We had Taisa from Brazil and Hien From Vietnam.

Here are the questions:

1.Do you usually take new year’s resolutions and why?

2.Do you succeed to realise your resolutions?

3.How do you do to succeed ?

4.Do you hate new year’s resolutions ? Why ?

During this episode we mentioned a few links that you can find here:

Zdenek’s English Podcast:

The episode of Guillaume’s English Podcast about immersion:

Luke’s English Podcast:

And this where you can download this podcast on iTunes:

And for the last link I ask you to be really careful about who and where you meet people.
Always meet people in a public place and always say to someone where you go, when and who you are supposed to meet.
This is a general rule when you meet people from internet.

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