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Luke experimenting the Periscope app while podcasting @EnglishPodcast

This Sunday we had a really great time with Luke Thompson from Luke’s English Podcast

Luke is doing an amazing podcast for English learners and he also do stand up comedy in Paris.

Here are the questions we did prepare for this episode but for some reason we did not use all of them –  Listen to the podcast to understand why 😉

However you can answer them in the comment section.

  1. When and how did you come to know about Luke’s English podcast? 
  2. How do you use Luke’s English podcast to improve your English?
  3. What is the strangest place where you did listen to LEP? And why?
  4. Tell us one anecdote you have regarding LEP, like for example if you were laughing in public transport and why?
  5. Which episode do you think is the best among all? And why?
  6. What do you think it is that make LEP special or unique than other podcasts? And why?

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Thanks to the participants :

Catherine – Ukraine, Ethan – South Korea, Ruslan – Russia, Serge – Belarus, Nick – Poland, Nastya – Russia ,Edgar – Mexico, Anibal – Argentina, Denis – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Paulo – Brazil, Guillaume – Switzerland

and obviously thanks lot Luke for your time and for sharing this moment with you audience  😉

Keep doing the great job !

Thanks to your wife for letting you spending so much time on LEP

Thanks to Amber, Hugo, Paul and Sebastian as well 😉


Your Chatcast Team

Here is the first live Luke did via Periscope, it was good to see where and how the podcast is done.

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