Dear listeners and dear participants,

Here is the show note for this second edition of the Chatcast about Video Games.

We had the pleasure to welcome the following participants:

Daisy from Vietnam

Leila from Bangladesh

Fiodor from Russia

Amr from Egypt

Amir from Iran


-What is a video game?
-Do you play video games? online games? Can you tell which one is the number one popular game on the planet Earth or in your country?
-What do you think make a good video game?
-Do video games make an impact on teenagers so that it could lead to violence in their behaviour?
-Do you know somebody who is addicted to video games? or is just a super hardcore video game player?
-What is (or was) your all-time favourite video game? What title would you recommend?
-Video Games can develop some particular skills, what do you think are they?

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Watching this kind of videos is also a good way to improve your English as well as how to swear in English 😉

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