Hello Everyone,

In today’s episode we talked about #Photography.

A few people joined the call and here are the questions we answered:


  • Do you like taking photographs? What kind of photography do you prefer?
  • Could you tell us a bit about your gear which you take photographs with. (No Nikon fanboys please…)
  • Colour vs. Black and White Photography and why one is over the other?
  • How often are you watching photo albums? is it always emotional for you?
  • “A picture worth thousand words” could you please relate to this expression?
  • Digital or Analog Photography? And why?
  • How do you archive your photographs?
  • Do you keep your photographs on Facebook, Instagram, Picasa or any other cloud system?
  • Have you ever taken a photograph that you really really like and you’re even proud of it? What was it about?

You can now listen to it on #YouTube as well !

I wanted to share with you the very good channel of Ray Ortega where you can find some really interesting videos about photography and technology. #PodcastHelper

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