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Today the Chatcast was hosted by Chris and he was joined by Denis from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rupesh from India, Bruno from France and Amr from Egypt.

They talked about cars, as you might already know and here are the questions they answered :

  1. Can you drive a car? Is it hard to get driving license in your country?

  2. You probably know Mr Bean, Imagine that you can drive his Mini through London, which 3 main way points would you visit in that city while driving?

  3. What’s the top speed you’ve ever reached by car (either as a driver or as a passenger) and as a result of that did they send you a photograph made by speed-camera with a speeding ticket attached to it?

  4. What is your non-affordable dream car?

  5. For some people (especially girls;) the colour is important when buying a car, what it’s like in your case? Do you have any special requirements?

  6. Would you be alright without having a car in everyday life?

  7. How do you think, is it possible for an electric car to be the future of automotive?

What about you guys ? Leave a comment and answer few questions to practice.
Here are few videos of a famous TV series called “Top Gear”. This is a funny way to practice English as well !

Cheers 😉

Your Chatcast Team

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