Hello Everyone,

Today we talked about “Bad Habits” and Chris was ou host.

We had the following participant :

  1. Paola from Colombia
  2. Amr from Egypt
  3. Bruno from France
  4. Nick from Poland

Here is the questions that Chris has made for us today:

1. What are your bad habits? Tell us about them, if it is not too personal for you.
2. Have you ever tried to break your bad habits? If so, then how long did it last?
3. What are some habits that can improve your English ability?
4. Are there any specific bad habits which annoy you the most?
5. What are some good habits you have?
6. “The forbidden fruit is always very attractive”. When you were a child, do you remember how everything became more attractive after it was forbidden? Well, there’s a part of you which still works in the same way…What do you think about it?
7. Did you know that in Japan slurping your noodles is a sign that you enjoy your meal, but making a noise while eating in England is not good. What it’s like in your country?

What about you ? Try to answer to the questions and leave a comment.

Your Chatcast Team

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