This page is for people who took part in the Chatcast and for listeners of the podcast.chatcastch_little

Share with the others how do you feel about this experience of doing a podcast, practicing English and listening to your voice.

Tell us how is it like to be in the Chatcast and how it has helped you ? What did you improved ? Did you improve your speaking skills ? Your confidence skills ?

Why would you recommend the Chatcast to your friends ? Why they should take part in the Chatcast ?

Thank you for sharing your experience 😉

  • Hien Nguyen

    Hello guys,

    I took part in Chatcast for several times. I was extremely nervous at the beginning but it is very precious. There is no doubt I am getting better. Chatcast is a comfortable zone for me to improve my english in general and speaking skill in particularly. The more you practice, the more you get better. See you on Sunday

  • Miyase Genç

    The last Chatcast was my first conversation there. While speaking you meet the people learn something about their identities, culture and countries. I really appreciate with them. Hopefully see you soon again 🙂

  • Kevser

    Hi everyone. It is a good opportunity to practice your English and meet some nice people around the world. I have participated for the first time and I liked it a lot. I’ll try to join next sessions hopefully.

  • Paola

    I participated in the last chatcast and it was brilliant! I love the fact that it’s a real intercultural experience! You can meet people from different places of the world, open your mind to different perspectives of life and learn about different cultural aspects from different countries! Besisdes, it’s the best way to practice your English! So, you should really come and participate, I’m sure you’re going to have such a good time as I did!

  • Nick

    Hi folks,
    It is the first time I have taken part in these discussions. Not only did I meet some amiable, cordial people, but I also savoured the time spent. Furthermore, the number of the participants was fit for purpose: everyone had their say, and everyone was heard out. Generally speaking, Chatcast seems to be a lovely way of polishing up your English as you while away your time, two birds one stone.

  • I took part two times to the chatcast and each time I have the same feeling that my English is improving. For the next time, I can’t join, but trust me, Sunday in 15 days – like terminator “I’ll be back” – have a great week.

  • I really love to listen the CHatcast, even I don´t participate often, I have listened to many people I would love to speak!!!

  • Hello everybody,
    March 15, it was my first session on Talk2learn Chatcast – it was a great moment for speak – my goal ? i want speak fluently and i need to practice regulary – Talk2learn Chatcast is the best place for speak – the team is great ! the “speakers” are so cool – what else ? for know, come in at the next session ! Enjoy – Bruno from France

  • arminda

    I am promoting the talk2learn chatcast coz its a very good way to practice your english and meet new people.

  • It was a good experience, practicing English with International group, get a lot of confidence while speaking on chatcast, it helped me a lot to improve my speaking skills and listening as well. I knew my weakness part of speech. I liked it so much. 🙂

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