006 – Back to the Future



Hello guys,

Here is the episode 6 of the Chatcast !

In these episode we were not so much people but it was a good chatcast anyway.

Thank you to Edgar from Mexico and Denis from Bosnia to join me in this episode.

Today the question was : If you could live one day in an another time and in an another place, when and where would you go?

We mentioned the book : Time Machine

I forgot to say that I would love to see Elvis in live and that’s why you can here a bit of music at the beginning of the episode.

Thank you guys for listening to the chatcast πŸ˜‰

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This a video about recreation of an ancient city of Mexico City : (This is connected to the epoch Edgar talked about)

  • Ayaka

    Good episode for me, as a big fan of time travel stuff! For me, speaking of time machine, it’s always DeLorean! ^^

    I’ve checked The Thirteenth Floor when I was looking for more time travel movies, but I haven’t seen it yet. Thank you for reminding me, guys! πŸ™‚

    I’d like to recommend you a book called “Reply” by Ken Grimwood. The main character is an around 40 man. He dies in the beginning of the book, but he soon awakes back, but actually it is in his school days. And then, he repeats the strange cycle life several and several times! He even can neither stop dying nor awaking again. I’m wondering if you guys have read this? πŸ™‚

    • Jose

      Ayaka, thanks for your recommendation, I haven’t read that book, but I certainly will as soon as I get a copy of it.

      Time travelling is a fascinating subject, by the way, one could speak and speculate about it for hours and hours. And yes, how could we forget Dr. Emmet Brown and his DeLorean?!

  • Denis

    Jose, you are absolutely right about the movie “The 13th Floor”. It isn’t about a video-game but a virtual/parallel world, looking like something that we had in 30s, with seemingly real people with real emotions. Sorry, my mistake.
    I also share your opinion about games and gamers.

  • Jose

    ‘The 13th Floor’ is a brilliant film, although it is not really about a video-game but virtual reality. It makes you wonder if the realm you call reality is actually the ‘real’ reality, or perhaps just a world created by a massive computer. It’s quite similar to The Matrix in a way; actually, the two films were released the same year.

    About gamers, there are different games for different ages. Kids usually play simple games, shooters or massive on-line role playing games… In my 30s I rather prefer games where I have to think a bit more, solve problems, make difficult decisions and more complex stuff. Also, you can even find loads of girls playing video-games around the world (which wasn’t too common in the past). Actually, if you watch some YouTube videos uploaded by gamers (walk-through and stuff), they are not teenagers as we would think; theyΒ΄re 35-45 years old. And I would say 40% of them are women. So it’s not really about age or gender, as we would think: there’s an entire market for every segment.

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