004 – Public Cameras and Privacy


Dear listeners, dear  participants,

For this very interesting episode, I had to pleasure to have :

  • Ayaka from Japan
  • Hien from Vietnam
  • Alyona (Алена) from Russia
  • José from Chile

Here is the question I wanted to discuss :
Do you think that the use of surveillance cameras in public places such as parking and shops are a good idea or a violation of privacy? Why?

Here are two articles connected to this topic :



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Thanks everyone ;)


P.S Here is the trailer of the TV serie Person of Interest and the movie Enemy of The State connected to the topic.

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  • Chris

    Omg very nice Chat guys, It is a fact i miss something amazing everytime, this Time Ayaka on the CHatcast, ok next time will it be luke ayaka and zdenek? together?? Just kiding.

    Hey José did you meant asylum?? for old people?
    Cheers to everyone and dont forget to visit my channel 😛

    • Jose

      Yeah, I was going to say Asylum, then I thought about Arkham Asylum (from Batman, DC comics, you know…) and said to myself that perhaps it wasn’t the best word for an old people’s house.

      I think the best term is “retirement house”.

  • Ayaka

    Awwwww thank you Zdenek! 🙂 I was ashamed to listen to whole this episode on the phone actually because my voice was so louder even than the host Guillaume! I’m wondering how all can adjust the volume of their voice on skype well… Tell me the way! haha

    Well, I think Chriss introduced listening to his own voice as one of good methods to improve English on his episode 2 and so do Guillaume and Jose…. but it’s really tough to try to listen to your own voice, huh? I just respect for all to keep doing it to improve English… I’m sure that podcasting also makes you strong mentally…! 🙂

    The theory that surveillance cameras are equal to facebook in a way was an interesting idea. Like our debate, it’s sure that we have several choices on facebook, but, for instance, you can’t stop some of your friends upload photos with you, can you? You might be able to choose not to tag yourself when someone try to tag you, but how about uploading without letting you know? Just you don’t know, there might be full of your photos somewhere! What a scary facebook world! (in the first place, internet!) I’d love to hear the discussion about facebook in the near future^^

    Correction: You can even download your friends’ photos on facebook (without any permission)

  • Ayaka has a cute voice 🙂

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