002 – Stereotypes and Culture Shock With Luke Thompson



Dear listeners,

The Chatcast episode 2 was a really amazing one !lep

We had the pleasure and the honour to have a very special guest.

Luke Thompson from Luke’s English Podcast joined us for this episode as a participant and not as an English teacher.

It was a real surprise for everyone !

Thank you so much Luke for joining us and thank you to every participant.

A special thanks to José who were the host of this episode and he did it very well.

Don’t forget to visit teacherluke.co.uk you will find a lot of useful material to improve your English.

Thanks everyone 😉

@englishpodcast #Chatcast

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  • Daniele

    Great episode,
    Luke featuring this chatcast had been the icing on the cake, but everyone did very well.

    Nice contributions from everyone, a bit of laughs time to time and all proficiently hosted by José.

    I’d love to take part to the next one (trying not to mire this lovely stuff) but on Sundays I can’t usually get any internet connection (not because I’m in the dog house, what are you thinking about?).

    Good English studying to everyone and take care.


  • OMG why i didnt take part in the CHatcast this time 🙁 I could have talk about Tequila, burritos, tacos zarapes and piñatas!!
    Hey luke actually I imagine you like Lord Grantham taking some Tea.

  • Alberto

    Incredible. Clearly, you are right. I had never imagined that. I thought that Germany would have the first position in this list. My most sincere congratulations!!! (:-D)

  • Oh mine! I am really shocked that neither Luke nor anyone else mentioned the Czech Republic as the top drinking country contender. If there is something we are best at, it is the beer consumption. Not that we should be proud of it but in a way I feel insulted and it wounds my national proud being left out like that :D. This is an entry from Wikipedia which clearly proves my point. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_beer_consumption_per_capita

    • Hey thats true i agree, Czech Republic is one of the most drinking country, and Belgium

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