001 – Learning English



Dear listeners,chatcastch_little

I’m glad to share with you the first episode of  the Chatcast !

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In this episode we mentioned some links and softwares:

Website :




Tell me more

Thank you so much Denis, Chris and José to took part of this first Chatcast.

Bye the way if you want to be the host for an another session, please contact me or leave a comment here.


  • Thu Hien Nguyen

    Congratulations to you having the first one. Good job, guys. I really really would like to join the chatcast but I have problem about time zone, 6 hours gap is very annoying. Last time, I tried to go to bed late to wait the meeting but I fell asleep in advance.

  • Thank you for you nice feedback Daniele and Ave 😉
    I hope to see you to record the next episode 😉

    • Ave

      I need to fix my laptop first!!

  • Ave

    It has been so amazing hear that discussion with your friends about how to learn English.

  • Daniele

    Hi Guillaume,
    nice episode.
    I was impressed by Dennis (sorry if I’ve misspelled his name), he’s got a really good English – of course I’d rather you didn’t think yours is worse… it’s just that his voice is so peculiar (at least to my ears) which stands out.
    It’s lovely listening to such a peaceful and relaxing meeting in which harmony and English practicing it’s the main goal.

    I’m a bit green with envy about how children pick up languages more easily than grown ups but children are lovely, aren’t they? I’ve got one son so I know better…

    Unfortunately in Italy almost everything on TV is dubbed (and – believe it or not – even now, with digital broadcasting, there are plenty of cartoons which you can’t watch in English). I seem is a choice of our “cartoons networks”… you know, there’s a big dubbing business here which – of course – hacks me off… I mean, not the business par se but, come on! Let us choose at least the language for cartoons!

    I’ve rambled on as usual… and eventually been making lots of mistakes as usual… sigh!

    I’ll try to join for the next chat but take it with a pinch of salt…

    Well done everyone, thank you for your contribute to this episode.

    Best regards.


  • Thank you Amr 😉
    It was a nice time.
    I hope you can join the next time with a better microphone dude.
    Do the Skype call test and you will hear the big noise. Maybe this is a machine next to your computer who does parasites.

    • You’re very welcome dude. I got it 😉

  • It was great guys. I wish I could there but it is okay. Maybe next time in shaa Allah. 😉

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