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049 – New Year Resolutions

Hello guys, Here is the first episode of the year about new resolutions. We had Taisa from Brazil and Hien From Vietnam. Here are the questions: 1.Do you usually take new year’s resolutions and why? 2.Do you succeed to realise your resolutions? 3.How do you do to succeed ? 4.Do you hate new year’s resolutions […]

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008 – New Year Resolution for 2015

http://talk2learn.ch/wp-content/uploads/chatcast/Chatcast-Episode-8.mp3 Download Hey Guys, Here is the last episode of the year, the episode 8 ! To be honest it was a bit chaotic because many people were missing mainly because of internet issues. Finally we did it ! We had Rupesh from India with a digital connection.. 1…0…1..0… on.. off…on….off. 😉 Frédéric from France that […]

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