018 – Free Session



Hello Guys,

This episode was a special one because Denis and I were not available to be the host today.

We decided, to let the participants talking anyway. Due to technical issues, I have only the last 15 minutes of this episode, but anyway it worth it and there is some important information that I added at the beginning of the episode so don’t wait longer and listen to this new episode.

Thanks to all of the participant and thanks to Arminda who took the lead of this episode – nice job !

Let me know if you enjoyed doing this episode and if was better or less good than a usual episode with a host.

Your feedback and your recommendations are important for us. You can also leave a comment on our testimonial page and explain why you like the Chatcast and why other people should join as well.

Thank to everyone and see you soon.

Cheers 😉


  • Do i heard Arminda ? and another 2 Spanish speakers? who are them?

    Who is the French accent guy?

    I can hear Hien there, she´s improved!

    Who took part in the CHatcast? I wonder who are them.

    It seems you talk about books?

    OMG so many questions I have D:

    • arminda

      Hi Chris…its me arminda from spain..I am not really a native spanish speakers but yes i can speak spanish. Pls Add me to skype arminda_muchanie. I hope you can join us next week.

      This is really getting notice and i believe it will be popular soon…Just have faith…cheers

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