015 – Fears and Phobias



Hello nice people of the world 😉

Fears and phobias are the topic of this episode 15 of the Chatcast !

Thank you to Arminda, Hien, Jeya, Denis, Alex, and Antonio for their participation.

We asked the following questions:

  • What is the difference between fear and phobia?
  • How many things are you afraid of?
  • What’s your biggest fear/phobia ?
  • Is a phobia keeping you from the things you would like to do?
  • What is your best tip to overpass your fear?
  • Have you ever had to do a public speaking? For some people it is a quite scary activity.
  • Would you seek help for your fears or phobias?

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Cheers 😉

Denis and Guillaume

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  • Hien

    Thank you Guillaume, your word makes my day. By the way, it is a very interesting topic. One of ways dismiss our fear is to name them and just do it til it decreases minium. About my fear, i think it is hard to loose people whom we all love, not me only. Some people believe that life still exists after we die. They try to breeze their body at expensive price with hope. I don’t think that is a good idea. We’ll be back to ground and that’s it.

  • Hien your English has really improved and you seems to be more comfortable to speak in the Chatcast.
    Congratulations 😉

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