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Hello guys,chatcastch_little

This episode was hosted by Zdenek who kindly replaced me ! Thanks a lot Zdenek !
A lot of people has enjoyed this episode so we had :

  1. Arminda from Spain
  2. Rupesh from India
  3. Denis from Bosnia
  4. Mikhail from Russia
  5. Mike from Vietnam
  6. Alex from Russia
  7. Gabor from Hungary

I recommend you to listen to this useful episode about idioms and to visit the webpage of Zdenek’s English Podcast.


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  • Zdenek

    Thank you very much for such kind words José and Guillaume. Maybe Alex was right and I don’t have a dog’s life after all.
    Cheers Chriss, I knew it meant something 😛
    And once again I apologize for saying “splash the toilet instead of “flush the toilet” 😀 What a blunder!

  • Jose

    Congratulations! This has been one of the best Chatcasts so far, Zdenek has proven to be a brilliant host and you can actually notice that he uses some of his teaching skills on this episode (not only by managing the conversation and actually teaching something relevant to all of us, but also by facing a lot of problems the whole recording time)

    I’d like that Zdenek could host a new Chatcast about idioms, or about phrasal verbs, pronunciation, collocations…

    Have a good day/night!

  • The paned audio sounds great like if you were in a classroom in front of everyone!

    lol with the toilet, it also sounded like someone was playing drums? or hiting something?

    About Van Gogh´s ear for music:

    Van Gogh’s ear for music means he is tone deaf–or that he can’t hear the distinction between musical tones. This is the kind of person that sings off key, for example.

  • Hey Zdenek, you killed it !!!!
    I’m sorry that you had a so bad call quality.
    The next Chatcast will be on Google Hangout and it should be better.
    Thanks again, you were a great host and it was very interesting to listen to.

    Here are my thought about idioms:
    -As it’s almost impossible to guess the meaning of an idioms by his words, you have to memorise them which is difficult. There are so many.

    -In most of the case, you can’t translate them to your mother tongue and on the other hand you can’t translate expressions from your country in English. It’s a cultural thing.

    -Some idioms are really funny like “kill two birds with one stone” but I wonder how the WWF can tolerate that one 😉

    Lately I was under the water so I couldn’t publish this episode earlier.

    Well that’s it for my side 😉

    Thank you to all the participants !!!!
    Don’t forget to share http://chatcast.ch with your friends !!!

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