046 – Is there another form of life in the univers?


Hello Everyone,

Here is again a great podcast episode hosted by Ethan from South Korea.


  1. Do you believe in the existence of aliens?
  2. Tell us your favorite TV show or movie that features aliens
  3. What’s going to be your reaction like when encountered aliens?
  4. Do you think we as human beings should keep reaching out to the outer space in order to contact aliens? Why?
  5. Let’s say they exist. Friend or foe to us?
  6.  Do you tend to believe people who claim that they have seen aliens? Why? Why not?

Thanks to the participant for this episode.

Leave us a comment, do you believe in aliens and why?



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  • ptholome/antonio

    I have listened to the podcast about the existence or not of Aliens and I have the feeling that we can believe the Aliens exist like people believe God exist. It is a question of beliefs.

    But Why are we going to think they will be friends with a people who is always fighting each others. People who went to America and destroyed any civilisation they found out there. People who are killing animals only for the pleasure. If I was an Alien I will try to destroy people coming from the Earth as soon as possible. We are destroying our own planet. We have hundred of millions of people living a miserable life and dying starved.

    Do you really think they are going to be our friends?

    We are the invaders and we always try to take profit from any place we visit. We are not a friendly people. We are what we are and I hope we will not be able to find out any civilisation wherever they could be.

    Hopefully for them, if they exist, they are not reachable because the nearest stars are

    Common Name Scientific Name Distance (light years)
    Proxima Centauri V645 Cen 4.2
    Rigil Kentaurus Alpha Cen A 4.3
    Alpha Cen B 4.3
    Barnard’s Star 6.0
    Wolf 359 CN Leo 7.7
    BD +36 2147 8.2
    Luyten 726-8A UV Cet A 8.4
    Luyten 726-8B UV Cet B 8.4
    Sirius A Alpha CMa A 8.6
    Sirius B Alpha CMa B 8.6

    Besides we have serious problems o solve o go to Mars where we can not live, so the Aliens are safe for a long time.

    Anyway, the movie MARS is not very good related to the book, a short book, wich is distributed fro free by the writer. The book is much better. I was disappointed by the film.

    On the other hand, in every movie we produce about the cosmos we are always fighting each others. We are a conqueror civilization not friendly at all.

    See you.

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