051 – Misapprehensions

Hello everybody!

After a hiatus of one year, Chatcast is finally back! The 51st episode was recorded on February 26th which we present here.

We are really grateful for people that were able to make some time and participate in the renewed Chatcast, Daniel from Switzerland, Carlos from Venezuela, Roman from Ukraine, and Alexander from Russia. Thank you guys!


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  • Guillaume

    Thank you VERY much Vaclav for bringing the Chatcast back – I really appreciate your effort !
    You did very well, it was your first episode and it was not that easy.

    I also think that the topic is more difficult than what we did before but this is what is interesting by having you in the Chatcst. You have a new and fresh eye on the Chatcast and this for the benefits of everybody.

    In general, the most difficult thing is to break the ice at the beginning, so maybe we can (all) try to find a quick game to do when the call start and then we can introduce ourself after having broken the ice.
    This is just my input 😉

    Thanks also to the participant ! Feel free to leave a comment here or on the testimonial page:


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