050 – Sport, Apps and General Talking

Hello Guys,

It’s been a while since the last episode. The Chatcast is in kind of stand by mode and we try to do an episode from time to time.

This episode is about sports, sport apps and general talking.






Thanks to the guys who took part to this episode and see you next time, (probably next Sunday).


P.S This episode is also available on YouTube:


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  • Hey guys!

    Why did you guys stopped with the published episodes?
    When are coming the next new “real” chatcast episodes ? I hope very soon!

    Geetings from Switzerland!


  • Wow amazing that people still use chatcast !!
    I really liked that episode “On a boat” about the Luke’s friend lived on a boat.

    This was insteresting, 2 IT man
    Nice episode everyone I will be waiting for the enxt episode

  • ptholome

    The wedding video was very good and emotional.

  • ptholome

    They count really the nine months they are into their mom. So when the baby born he has already 9 months and the birthday is three months later-

    • Guillaume

      Ok Thank you for this information πŸ˜‰

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