033 – Video Games II


Dear listeners and dear participants,

Here is the show note for this second edition of the Chatcast about Video Games.

We had the pleasure to welcome the following participants:

Daisy from Vietnam

Leila from Bangladesh

Fiodor from Russia

Amr from Egypt

Amir from Iran


-What is a video game?
-Do you play video games? online games? Can you tell which one is the number one popular game on the planet Earth or in your country?
-What do you think make a good video game?
-Do video games make an impact on teenagers so that it could lead to violence in their behaviour?
-Do you know somebody who is addicted to video games? or is just a super hardcore video game player?
-What is (or was) your all-time favourite video game? What title would you recommend?
-Video Games can develop some particular skills, what do you think are they?

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Watching this kind of videos is also a good way to improve your English as well as how to swear in English 😉

#VideoGames #GTAV


  • Guillaume Stévenin

    Very good episode, congratulations guys.
    I play GTA5 on PS3 but not so often, because of family life 😉

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