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Hello folks! While you’re enjoying yourselves in the open Chatcast without a host, keep in mind that there’s a new session arriving next Sunday February 26th.

You can find the topic of the next session here.

See you all!


There is one open Chatcast each Wednesday at 8pm Geneva time

and each Sunday at 2pm Geneva time

Feel free to choose the topic and take the lead during the call. The goal is only to practice!!!

Tell your friends and share it on social networks.

To join the Skype group click on the button below and write /golive to call the group.

Then all the available people will pick up the call.

I hope you will enjoy this new version of the Chatcast and maybe the standard Chatcast will come back but later. Don’t hesitate to write me an email with your thought and suggestion.

So next open Chatcast is going to be tomorrow 2pm Geneva time.

Check the event page.

Take care


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Hello Folks!

Hello folks! How are you? I’m Vaclav and this is Chatcast. I hope it’s going okay, that things are, at least, tolerable. I’ve been thinking ever since our founder Guillaume let me host the talks here how to introduce myself. At first, feeling a bit awkward about it I produced a pair of intros and I […]

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050 – Sport, Apps and General Talking

Hello Guys, It’s been a while since the last episode. The Chatcast is in kind of stand by mode and we try to do an episode from time to time. This episode is about sports, sport apps and general talking. Links: http://wayoflifeapp.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/up-by-jawbone-track-health/id916240764?mt=8 https://www.runtastic.com/ http://teacherluke.co.uk/ Thanks to the guys who took part to this episode […]

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049 – New Year Resolutions

Hello guys, Here is the first episode of the year about new resolutions. We had Taisa from Brazil and Hien From Vietnam. Here are the questions: 1.Do you usually take new year’s resolutions and why? 2.Do you succeed to realise your resolutions? 3.How do you do to succeed ? 4.Do you hate new year’s resolutions […]

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048 – Climate Change

Hello guys, First of all I’d like to wish you all a very nice year for 2016 and I hope you had a few days off to have some rest. Here is the last episode we recorded in 2015 about climate change. What is your definition of climate change? Some people say that “climate change […]

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047 – Sleeping Habits

Download this episode Dear Participant, Today we spoke about Sleeping Habits with Denis, Ethan and Nastya as a host. It was a really funny conversation and I really enjoyed it. Thanks Nastya for hosting this episode and thanks to the participant. Here is the podcast and the album I listen to when it’s time to […]

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046 – Is there another form of life in the univers?

Hello Everyone, Here is again a great podcast episode hosted by Ethan from South Korea. Questions: Do you believe in the existence of aliens? Tell us your favorite TV show or movie that features aliens What’s going to be your reaction like when encountered aliens? Do you think we as human beings should keep reaching […]

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045 – Boosting Confidence

Hi Everyone, For this nice episode hosted by Nastya from Russia, we had Ozzy from Indonesia, Elena from Russia. Amir from Egypt, Anibal from Argentina, Denis from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Questions: What does confidence mean to you? Do you think there’s a difference between confidence and arrogance? What was one thing that gave you the biggest […]

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044 – Luke’s English Podcast

Dear listeners and dear participants, This Sunday we had a really great time with Luke Thompson from Luke’s English Podcast Luke is doing an amazing podcast for English learners and he also do stand up comedy in Paris. Here are the questions we did prepare for this episode but for some reason we did not […]

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043 – How Can We Save The Earth ?

Dear Participants and dear listeners, In this episode about “How To Save The Earth” we had Nick from Poland, Rozi from Indonesia, Majir from Iran and obviously our great host Chris from Poland. They answered the following questions : What environmental issues do we need to solve in order to protect our planet? Why is it so […]

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042 – Careers and Jobs

Dear participants and dear listeners, I’m glad to share with you this very good episode about #Carreers and #Jobs. Ethan who is used to the Chatcast as a participant, was our host today for the first time but it seems he was a radio host in another life… Who knows ? 😉 Thank you very […]

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